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The best places in Bali to surf for Newbie

The best places in Bali to surf for Newbie Bali has many well-known surf spots, but beginners can either intimidating, or they are too much dominated by the local professionals. It may be surprising, but perhaps the best waves to find out whether you're a Goofy (footed), or a normal Right, is perhaps the most obvious– Kuta. Along Bali's southwest coast sandy beaches offer the neighbor of Kuta with its sandy beach breaks the best places to improve your surfing. These beaches are all easily accessible and not too far away from the major surf schools and are all located within the main tourist destinations.

However, you can something violent Riffbrecher and the bigger waves of distant, southern Bukit peninsula safely leave to the professionals - and keep them to you as a future destination for your wish list in mind when you're better later because permanently five or six feet high waves to be knocked down, if you have just found your balance on the board, is no fun. At most places, there is the best waves during the dry season from April to August there is also a good east wind, lying around without much flotsam.

Kuta Beach The first 'surf beach' the island was Kuta, until 1936 a deserted coast until Robert Koke, an American expatriate and hotel owner, started on his homemade Honolulu Style Brett ride off a few waves, soon followed by the young locals. Although a lot has changed, Kuta is still a popular place for beginners. The long sandy beach has a calm swell and small fun waves for beginners. But you have to pay attention to the flow when the waves are larger toward afternoon.  The state endlang distributors can be found, some sell cold Gertšnke, others lend cars Surfing boards for up to 25,000 rupees per hour (variable and usually negotiable). Total beginners can book a course at one of the surf schools along the beach. The waves on Kuta beach offer a variety of different waves, but they are uniform, the average waves are one to two feet high.

Tuban Beach (near the airport) The runway of the international airport Ngurah Rai protrudes from the sea, about 1.5 kilometers south of Kuta. The surf spots here are aptly 'airport left' and 'right side airport' been gennant. A larger swell of up to five feet, there is outside of a reef, it requires a boat ride around to come here, beginners can better enjoy the smooth, surfable waves near the beach. Links is north of the runway, while can be reached right from the left by a boat trip by travels around the runway to the south. Crowds are difficult to predict, but usually it is not here as full as in Kuta

Legian Beach The Legian beach bordered to the north Kuta, deemed neighboring resort and can be reached from the same Jalan Pantai from the south and from many other side streets north of Kutas great white beach Wall made. The waves at Legian beach are varied, similar in Kuta, there are beach breaks and an average of about one to three feet high waves. While there is not so many Board Rentals and distributors as on Kuta beach, but there are at Legian but some good surf schools, such as the Rip Curl Surf School, which you can find at the Jarlan Arjuna can. The Ombak Legian Store & Surf Academy on Legain beach hotel, certified by Australia Academy of Surfing Instructors (Asi), also offers courses for surfing on waves across from her garden pool. As on Kuta beach, the waves here in the afternoon to be greater.

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak is a beautiful white sand beach north of Legian. It offers neat swell, which also like twice as high as at the Kuta beach. Almost all known facilities in Seminyak have a look at the large, abzureitenden waves in front of them, about Ku De Ta and La Lucciola, better known as Petitenget beach, which is one of the landmarks of the temple there. There is short waves on the left and right hands, suitable for children and for beginners. Another popular coast is Seminyak and is known as Dhyana Pura, located right on the border of Legian. There is a good beach break, as of the same quality as on Kuta beach, but here it is less crowded, there are various Sufcamps and schools along the coast, where you can eat, sleep and improve your skills in surfing.



Echo Beach, Canggu and Batu Bolong This beautiful beach is located a half hour drive from Kuta and is called by the locals Pantai Batu Bolong, after the eponymous temple there, the emigrant surfers have given him the nickname 'Echo Beach'. The coast has a few small rocky cliffs, hide a white sandy beach by the coastal road and the parking lot. A popular spot for surfing at sunset, you can here surfboards of various stalls near the parking, just behind the temple, for rent. The waves are suitable for all levels of surfers, from beginners to professionals, but beginners should be careful, because here no lifeguard on the beach. A regular swell, flat rocks and waves under six feet make Echo Beach a popular surf spot for beginners and advanced. During and after the sunset, the small restaurants, the excellent fish and seafood fill offer grilled and cold Bintang.