dolhin surf school


Kuta Beach The Kuta Beach is the liveliest beach in Bali. Many guests spend the day sleeping in (after the previous night of partying) and try later on the beach surfing or just watch the goings on Kuta Beach before they attune to a beach again on the evening. The Beach itself is fine. A bright sandy beach, relatively little shade and partially polluted water, there are nicer beaches in Bali. Meanwhile make cleanup squads for waste disposal at the beach. To learn how to surf the Kuta Beach is good, the waves are usually not too big and there is a "beach break" (sandy subsoil many surf spots in Bali have rocks or a reef as a base). applies to swim the same as almost everywhere on Bali: the currents can be dangerous! Here there are marked with flags stretches of beach where you can swim. Nevertheless, caution!


Poppies Lane I, 80361 Kuta, Indonesien

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