In Bali you can find a holiday oasis of a special kind. The hotel is 5 minutes from Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is ideal to learn to surf but also the experienced surfers coming to your Kosten.Für travelers which have for the culture and attractions of which there are many in Bali Caring We wish a Travel Guide of you to the favorites Among other things, we offer you: * Overnight in cozy rooms - with breakfast * Family atmosphere with personal care * Training on the beach * Pool & amp; and terraces for relaxing * Surf courses & amp; Surfing on the best spots * Many other activities, excursions, Lombok Islands Boat Trip, etc. and of course much me (e) hr ... So much fun browsing our website ... ... See you at the Kuta Beach!



              Surf course: For entry into the sport of surfing Bali is perfect. For this purpose, we have an extra bookable surf lessons for beginners or intermediate skiers. With perfect material, surf theory and trained coaches you will zoom out to the surfing of us

Kuta Beach

Bali is one of the most beautiful and wave richest islands in the world. You can here 365 days a year in board shorts or bikini to go surfing with almost always perfect conditions. Kuta Beach from the one hour over 60 surf spots are within a maximum. Famous spots like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Balangan, Bingin and the beginner spots are just five minutes by Car or scooter away. Whether beginner or pro, in Bali can be found on each level of the appropriate shafts. Our trained instructors bring you always the right time at the right spot and accompany you there surfing. To check for you every day the waves 

and found thanks to many years of experience the perfect exercise conditions. This is fast Progress and lots of fun guaranteed.

Dolphin Surf School

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